★Missa May Is The S h i z z★ (blink182chic096) wrote in hot_guysss,
★Missa May Is The S h i z z★

Name: Melissa (Missa)
Age: 13
Where you at: Michigan
Whos the hottest guy you know and do you have a pic of him ( if so post it here! ): Probabky...Hm...Kyle R...(Molly wut do you think!?) And i don't have a pic

Rate the hottest guy you know 1-10 and why:

Bands: The used, Switchfoot, Yellowcard, Slipknot
Movie: Josie and The Pussy cats
Book: What My Mother Doesnt Know
Tv Show: Reno 911!!
Food: Mexican and Chinese
Sport: Basketball

Describe the perfect guy in your eyes:

Sweet, Romantic, tall, perfect smile, perfect teeth, loves me for me, everything any girl wants put into one guy!

Post atleast 2 pictures of you here:

Photobucket is down so here's a picture site <3

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